When you have exhausted all possibilities it time to try the impossibilities. Here at a step beyond multimedia we take pride in all our work from the smallest project to our corporate clients we assure optimal quality work which in turn brings us more clientele. we love to show our range no two projects are ever the same as we take pride in our abundant creativity. i am a professional multimedia freelancer with reasonable pricing for the type of professionalism given. I do well so no need to overcharge you. I have been pulled into the entertainment industry but love to show my range. I am originally from corporate structure. All work is professional and retail ready. my work has been in stores and on television. love exceeding my clients expectations. negotiable as long as it’s fair. Proficient in all web languages, graphics and video development. there’s nothing I can’t code or make a reality and I am amazing at design. Usually you get a coder or a designer i possess both qualities. 4-6 day turnaround on sites 24-48 hrs. on graphics..

Our Skill Set

Web Site Development:

  • WordPress: Strong with WordPress coding and experience creating custom plugins and themes.
  • PHP: Strong experience with programming, class-based development, frameworks and the ability to learn unfamiliar PHP-based frameworks and platforms.
  • MySQL: Adept at writing queries and developing schema’s for new sites from the ground up.
  • JavaScript: Skilled at writing JavaScript and using JavaScript frameworks, especially jQuery.
  • HTML & CSS: Proficient in writing code and modifying existing code. Great at psd to html, dhtml and html 5 conversions
  • Drupal: codes themes and modifying existing codes
  • Flash: strong flash scripting, animation and coding.

Web Site Development:

  • Iphone: Mobile applications
  • – Ipad: Mobile applications
  • – Android: Mobile applications
  • – HTML & CSS: Proficient in writing code and modifying existing code. Great at psd to html, dhtml and html 5 conversions

Video / Photo Development:

  • video: Professionals shooting and editing as well as after effects. We shoot in Red camera, Canon 5d  and Sony fs100. Green screen room available and included in pricing.
  • photography: shooting and picture editing and enhancement retouching and color correction green screen or backdrop room available

Graphics Development:

  • – print graphics: logos, business cards, flyers, step and repeats, any and all printable media . We print also best rate in nyc

Extended  support for your projects.

Like most clients they often need extended support and management, I always write a documentation that should give you all the answers for all your content. If you have questions regarding updates fixes or any other need, then contact me , I will do my best to answer all of your questions and help you with any situation you encounter.